Storytelling Training (Online and In-Person)

Storytelling for Entrepreneurs and Leaders

[6-week online course / Live weekend intensive]

Whether you're an entrepreneur or a leader in a company or nonprofit, knowing how to tell your story with passion and authenticity is a key ingredient to success. 

Join storytelling keynote speaker and trainer Norman Bell for a fun, interactive class, where you'll learn a step-by-step process for creating an inspiring story about you or your organization.

What You'll Come Away With:

  • An easy-to-use story structure you can apply to any story you tell.
  • A process for finding your passion and authenticity, which naturally engages listeners
  • Authentic business and personal stories that you can use to connect with potential customers, supporters or donors.

(Note: This course is presented in two modalities: a six-week online course, or a live weekend intensive, which is conducted in the Seattle area. Please inquire below for more details to determine which modality is right for you or your organization.)

Here's what entrepreneurs are saying about Norman's storytelling workshops.

“Thank you so much for an amazing class. I walked away with creating an authentic story of how my business came to be – the first time I have felt on target.”

— Debbie Rosenfelt, Founder, CEO From the Heart

"The simple story structure form made it so simple to create a good story. I was amazed at how nicely my story turned out."

— Joshua Huisenga, Founder, Chalkbox Creative

"Norman created a really safe space to share stories and had the workshop well organized and moving, so I found I got past my blocks about crafting a story. I found the event fun and energizing."

— Chris Overholt, CEO and Founder, Namu Baru Inc.

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