Norman is an communications expert that has helped Fortune 500 companies, major nonprofits and small business entrepreneurs tell their authentic story in a way that engages their audiences and helps them connect with their ideal clients. The testimonials below are from a variety of aspects of Norman's career, including from his work as a marketing copywriter, content strategist, presentation coach and business storytelling workshop facilitator.  

"Norman has a truly uncanny ability to find the most compelling way for a person, business or organization to tell their story. This can perhaps be attributed to all his years as an actor and his, therefore, well-honed skills as a storyteller himself. Regardless of how it came to be, if you are in search of someone who can help uncover the story your business has to tell AND who can help you feel more comfortable telling it, Norman is your guy!

Erica Mills, Nonprofit Marketing Consultant, Founder and CEO of Claxon and Mills Communication Group

"Norman helped me get out of my cognitive bubble and see things from the customer's perspective. His questions led me to insights about what direction I should take my business, and his suggestions for how to best present my offerings through my website have been invaluable. I would wholeheartedly recommend his coaching to anyone with a service to offer who is looking to reach more customers. Norman will help you tell your story in a compelling way that inspires prospects to become customers."

Chris Loper, Founder, BecomingBetter.org

Norman was a great asset to our team, helping research scientists find their voice and share the impact of their research in a compelling fashion for a lay audience — not an easy task! Norman specifically helped bring a sense of comfort and ease to what is a daunting task for many and gave simple, clear directions that had a huge impact on the final performances. His directions for stage presence, tone of voice and ways in which to boost a speaker’s confidence, were appreciated by all.”

Heidi Rogers, Event Manager at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research

Thank you so much for an amazing class. I have been wanting something like this for a while. I walked away with creating an authentic story of how my business came to be – the first time I have felt on target.”

Debbie Rosenfelt, Founder, CEO From the Heart

"Norman is the guy you want on your team. He brings an arsenal of valuable skills to the table—writing, marketing, research, client service, account management (to name a few)—that make him an invaluable asset to any client. His extensive tech marketing background has been an essential tool in developing many successful marketing campaigns/programs for clients. A true problem solver, I’ve seen Norman go above and beyond (time after time) to find the best solution for clients. He’s reliable, consultative (not a yes man), and incredibly easy to work with.

Mandy Maxwell, Partner, Audienz Marketing (worked with Norman at Buzzbee)

"Norman brought a great mix of storytelling and performance skills to the table when he worked with us to develop our presentation for SVP Fast Pitch. He helped us explore our core stories and tune the structure of our presentation. But the really exciting part was when he used his background in theatre to help me access the parts of myself I needed to deliver a powerful performance. This is a skill a lot of people don’t have, and I found working with him really valuable. Thank you Norman!"

David Hunter - CEO/Founder, EdCourage, Inc.

 "Norman brings a rare blend of 5 tools to the job every day. Tools that both deliver against client needs and help drive business opportunities - Technology Knowledge, Marketing Strategy, Writing, Business Development and Account Management. Norman is a true team player with the ability to deliver for his clients and his team. And he adds 'fun' to all of his projects."

Russ Rogers, Marketing and Management Consultant, Prime 8 (worked with Norman at BuzzBee)

"Norman approaches all aspects of his work with a positive, can-do attitude, which rubs off on his peers. An adept content writer by trade, he also displays a knack for asking the right questions, enabling him to successfully project manage content-focused marketing campaigns in support of his clients’ needs. He’s the very definition of a team player, well liked both internally and in the eyes of his clients.

Ross Barich - Senior Developer Community Manager at Amazon Web Services (worked with Norman at Metia)

"The advice and coaching Norman provided was absolutely instrumental to my success. In addition to helping me with the “mechanics” of speaking successfully in front of a large crowd, Norman showed me how to “speak from the heart” and that’s exactly what my clients were looking for. 

Alan Farr, Sales Consultant and Minister

"I ended up beating out 154 other candidates and being offered the job that I wanted! This was surprising to me, given my previous lack of comfort with interviewing and my inexperience with it. I think that Norman’s coaching absolutely contributed to my successful outcome.

Betsy Bott, Secretary Senior, University of Washington