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“Norman has a truly uncanny ability to find the most compelling way for a person, business or organization to tell their story.”

Erica Barnhart, Nonprofit Marketing Consultant, Founder and CEO of Claxon

Enchant your audience. Amplify your influence. Transform your business.
Use the power of strategic storytelling

In a world where many business professionals hide their brilliance behind bullet point presentations, storytelling coach Norman Bell empowers purpose-driven leaders to inspire teams, boards, and other audiences with courageous communication.

The difference between being a presenter and a leader is story. 

Presenters give information. Leaders offer an engaging story that will change the way people think, feel, and act. Presenting information requires data and bullet points. Leading with a story requires courage and conviction. Persuasive courage is what Norman is here to help you gain.


Norman’s keynotes, training, coaching and consulting embolden you to step up, stand out and genuinely come alive onstage and online.


Norman delivers fun, high energy keynotes that inspire, engage and teach. Clients often ask Norman to provide interactive breakout or coaching sessions to follow the keynote.


Norman conducts customized introductory, half-day, full-day, and virtual business storytelling and speaking workshops for leaders, entrepreneurs, and business professionals.


Get one-on-one expert guidance from Norman to help you uncover and deliver your core stories and messages authentically and effectively to ensure that you shine onstage.

Norman will help you tell your story in a compelling way that inspires prospects to become customers."

Chris Loper, Founder,

What's your Hell Yes Story?

Norman Bell is an award-winning speaker, performer, storytelling and presentation coach, and workshop facilitator who has helped Fortune 500 companies, major nonprofits and small business entrepreneurs tell their authentic story in a way that engages their audiences and helps them connect with their ideal clients.

When he was in high school, Norman ran for a student council position with the slogan, "Hell Yes! Vote for Norm!

25 years later, those two words were still ringing in his ears and he launched the Hell Yes Life podcastwhich features inspiring stories from purpose-driven entrepreneurs, adventurers, authors and speakers.

The podcast has thousands of listeners in over 100 countries and was named by Feedspot as one the "Top 20 Inspirational Podcasts You Must Follow in 2019".

Now, Norman is returning to two of his original Hell Yeses: storytelling and public speakingHis mission is to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs and leaders like you uncover and share your Hell Yes Story so you can connect deeply with your audiences and make a positive impact on the world.

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